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Balance & Being Counseling

Mary-lynn Ballew - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Individual Therapy

  • Personal identity Issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Sexuality

  • Loss and grief

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship problems with a parent, friend, or romantic partner

  • Personal resolutions (weight, exercise, become more emotionally attuned)

  • Parent support 


What You Can Expect – Individual therapy begins with an intake session. Initially we meet weekly. Later, sessions can be scheduled in a way that meets the client’s needs. The length of therapy will depend on the type of issue that you want to resolve.

Couples Therapy

  • Increase intimacy

  • Manage conflict

  • Heal from an affair

  • Bringing baby home

  • Facing an empty nest

  • Premarital/couples counseling (proactive skill building)

  • Divorce


What You Can Expect – Couples therapy will start with both parties present for an initial intake. Following that each partner will meet for one solo session each. Subsequent sessions will be with both partners present. If it becomes apparent that one partner no longer wishes to continue therapy, individual counseling options will be discussed.  

Premarital Therapy & Commitment Preparation

This is a package of up to six semi-structured sessions, including a 1.5 hour initial session. All other sessions are 50 minutes. The rate for the package is $490.

What happens in the sessions?

  • Assess your relationship goals and customize a course specific to your needs.

  • Have fun exploring the possibilities of being a committed couple.

  • Build a set of skills to tackle the most common problems that all couples face.

  • Identify strengths and unique aspects of your relationship.

  • Discuss current concerns in a safe and supportive environment.


Who is this relationship package designed for?

  • Are you a new couple trying to navigate your future together as a pair?

  • Are you recently engaged or planning a wedding?

  • Are you considering marriage or a long-term commitment like moving in together?


What if our relationship is not traditional, or we don’t plan to be married?

  • This package offers tools for a successful long-term relationship, for any couple.

  • It is not a requirement to be engaged or preparing for marriage.

  • There is no religious affiliation.

  • As a sex positive therapist, all forms of gender expression, sexual orientation, and relationship styles, that are consensual and agreed upon by all members, are welcome. 

Balance and Being Counseling serves adolescents (ages 14-19), individual adults, and couples in a warm and professional environment. Clients are supported through a collaborative approach. We will work together to identify problems, limitations, and strengths, through the use of conversation, goal setting and interventions. Therapy is aimed at creating change and can be challenging at times. One of the goals is to bring more balance to your life and expand your way of being a whole human being.


Counseling often makes sense when you are contemplating, or ready for change. Sometimes these transitions occur around the time of developmental milestones, like graduating from school, getting married, having a baby, or when your children go off on their own. Other times we are confronted to make change due to life’s circumstances, such as loss of a loved one, moving to a new location, or change to relationship status. On occasion a person or a couple can decide that they are ready for change, but don’t know how to do this on their own, like confronting depression, managing anxiety that is adversely impacting one’s life, or improving the quality of relationships. A trained therapist can help.

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