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Balance & Being Counseling

Mary-lynn Ballew - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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If you are struggling, remember that you are not alone, there is support available, and therapy can be a helpful tool. Finding a therapist that you can connect with is important, and can be one of the first steps to making positive change.

In my practice I use a collaborative and transparent process. Together we will examine how culture, past events, family influences, and other social constructions impact your life. We will identify strengths, set goals, and focus on your preferred outcome, instead of on the problem. The time spent in therapy is broken down into manageable steps by building more understanding around emotions, attuning to thoughts, investigating cultural messages, and incorporating mindfulness so that you can maintain change, expand your personal narrative, and continue to open to possibilities.

    Premarital Therapy &

Commitment Preparation 

Package Description

Relationship counseling can be a great tool for couples wanting to learn skills for maintaining a healthy relationship – it’s not just for problems.


Balance and Being’s Commitment Preparation Package is a relationship skill program designed to ground your relationship on a strong foundation, and is based on current research on what makes relationships succeed.


When problems and disagreements do come up, you will know how to handle them in constructive ways. Most premarital couples are happy with their partner and excited to be launching on life’s journey together.


Premarital therapy will help you maintain that loving feeling.

Premarital Therapy & Commitment Preparation Package


Covers up to six semi-structured sessions.

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Located in a professional building near Madison Park and the Arboretum, in Seattle, WA. There is free on street parking and a ramp is available to access the building.


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